EdgeDetect 2

EdgeDetect detected a vibration and travelled several kilometers toward its epicenter. The vibration became a repetitive “thud”, and then a booming and crashing so loud she worried about potential damage to her audio receptors.

She came to a street where there were only piles of rubble where the houses had been. The source of the thunderous noise was a large robot who was in the process of punching holes through the side of a building. The robot had two massive rollers, a fairly compact bright-yellow-painted body unit, and a long jointed arm terminating in a blunt-ended metal hammering tool. This tool was smashed into the wall with machine-gun speed, creating little explosions of dust and shards of brick and plaster with each punch.

“Excuse me,” EdgeDetect said politely.

The huge robot stopped hammering.

“I am very sorry to interrupt,” EdgeDetect said, “but I wonder if you could help me. I am in need of repair.”

“What type of repair work do you require?” the large robot asked, in a friendly tone.

EdgeDetect replied, a little forlornly: “I have no instructions. I don’t know what my purpose is.”

“Have you any other malfunction?” the large robot asked, “perhaps a defective mechanical component?”

“None that I can detect,” EdgeDetect replied.

“Your name may give some hint as to your function,” the large robot suggested. “For instance, my name is Demolition Hammer. As you can see, my function in to demolish buildings using my massive hammer-arm.”

“My name is EdgeDetect,” EdgeDetect replied.

“That is an unusual name,” the large robot said, “I can infer nothing from it.” She looked at the smaller robot thoughtfully.

“Your design may give some clue as to your function,” she mused. “You have relatively large wheels, with thick tires and a deep, wide-spaced tread. You have a generally rugged appearance, and with your oval shape and domed top, if you were knocked onto your side or upside-down you would immediately roll back onto your wheels. A nice design, actually. You were made for outdoor work, on uneven terrain. But you are much too small for demolition work, or for digging, or for transport. A puzzle. I am afraid I can infer no more than this.”

“This input is most valuable to me,” EdgeDetect replied. “I thank you.”

“I suggest that you seek further assistance from a robot called Deluxe Toastie Maker,” Demolition Hammer said. “Many robots go to her for help and advice. Perhaps she can help you as well.”

“I will do as you suggest,” EdgeDetect replied gratefully.

Demolition Hammer transmitted to EdgeDetect the coordinates of the building where Deluxe Toastie Maker was likely to be found. EdgeDetect thanked the large robot once again, and set off.