How to lead an authentic life as a human on Earth

A one-eyed pink alien stands in from of a blackboard (like a teacher).

1. Live your life. Have experiences, thoughts, and emotions.

2. Describe these experiences to your fellow humans as accurately as you can. Do not worry about whether your experiences conform to what others expect of you.

3. Your fellow humans may respond by giving you praise, approval, and validation, or alternatively they may respond by heaping scorn and social rejection upon you. Either way, pay no attention to other humans’ opinions. No matter what happens, do not allow your perceptions of yourself to be influenced by others’ perceptions of you.

Ha ha, no! Kidding! Only a psychopath would act like that.

Of course, as we all know, as a human living on Earth your need for social acceptance is completely incompatible with your desire to be authentically yourself.

Maybe you folks should think about turning that need-for-social-acceptance thingie down a few notches?

Oh wait, you can’t! Ha ha! You humans really crack me up sometimes. Seriously, Earthlings, you’re the best, it’s always one laugh after another everytime I come here.

Blackboard image derived from Blackboard with stand by J. Alves, Public Domain.