Now HERE’S a bright idea!

A comic. The scene: A street scene outside a French cafe. Character 1 is: a cute cartoon monster. Character 2 is: a cute cartoon monster. Character 1: Here's a joke for you: how many humans does it take to change a lightbulb? Character 2: Change it? What was wrong with the old lightbulb? Character 1: It burnt out. Their lightbulbs are designed to last only 1000 hours and then burn out, so they have to keep replacing them. But that's not really the point of the joke... Character 2: What? Why?! Character 1: So the company can sell more lightbulbs. But that's not really... Character 2: Hold up, you're telling me their lightbulbs are specifically designed to *break*? Character 1: Well, sure. It's called 'Planned obsolescence'. They use a fine tungsten filament that evaporates until after a period of time the bulb burns out. Character 2: And then they replace the filament? Character 1: Then they replace the entire bulb. Hence the opening line of my... Character 2: How long have the humans been doing this? Character 1: Roughly a century or so. Character 2: Unbelievable! And yet they're always going on about how efficient their system of capitalism is! Character 1: Oh well that's true though, capitalism is extremely efficient. It's just that no-one ever asks, efficient at *what*? Character 1: Earthling lightbulb companies are the most efficient in the known universe at producing and selling lightbulbs, thus creating value for their shareholders. Character 1: They just happen to be extraordinarily wasteful if you look at the amount of resources consumed and hours worked for a set amount of illumination. But returning to my joke... Character 2: If you must.. Character 1: The answer is 3. One to hold the lightbulb and two to turn the ladder. Character 2: This planet makes my head hurt.