A comic. Character 1 is: a cute cartoon monster. Character 2 is: a cute cartoon monster. Character 1: D'you know what this planet's problem is? Character 2: I have a feeling you're about to tell me... Character 1: Not enough wrongness. Not enough 'Whoops, looks like I screwed up', not enough 'Shit, I guess I misinterpreted that, sorry'. Character 1: No-one's willing to speak up unless they're really sure. And you know who really benefits from the lack of wrongness? Character 2: No. Character 1: Psychopaths. Character 2: ?? Character 1: You see, the vast majority of humans are decent people, but a small percentage are monsters. Child molesters, arms dealers, racists politicians. They are experts at manipulation, at exploiting uncertainty. Character 1: The moment of doubt, where you don't say anything because no-one else has, because it might all be in your head - that silence is the empty space where the really fucked up shit can move in. Character 2: So... you're saying the humans should practise being wrong some of the time? Character 1: Exactly! Even when they really ARE wrong, their wrongness creates space for other doubts and questions. Humans should see being wrong sometimes as their moral duty! Character 2: That would lead to more actual wrongness - more mistakes . But it's a small price to pay.