Not enough synapses

Not enough synapses.

A synapse is just the empty space between two neurons. You’re complaining that there isn’t enough empty space in your head?

Synapses are the paths that can connect two ideas. I have fewer so the distances between ideas are longer. Fewer connections. It’s more efficient… when it works. More abstract, more powerful, more flexible, but when it fails, it fails pretty spectacularly. What happens if you follow the wrong path? You end up hanging in empty space. In nothing. No way to get home, nothing to see, no way to measure time. Utterly lost.

A thought fails to connect to reality, fails to find any purchase, but you’re still thinking it, cycling faster and faster with no friction to slow you down. Like a bicycle in the wrong gear, you cycle harder and harder but go nowhere, start to wobble, soon you’ll fall off and you’re not sure you’ll be able to get back on again.

Do you think you might be mixing your metaphors?

Most likely. I’d keep them all separate, but there aren’t enough synapses to go around.