A helpful tip about being dramatic

If you are (a) talking to yourself, either out loud or in your head, and (b) saying:

“It’s not really that bad, I’m just being dramatic or attention-seeking.”

It really is that bad, in fact it’s probably worse.

Note 1: if you were really being dramatic you would not worry about whether you were being dramatic or not, you would just get on with actually being dramatic, in a no-doubt playful and carefree manner. Worrying about whether you’re being dramatic only happens when you start to realise that your mental state is


and this realisation is so disturbing that the brain’s denial mechanism is automatically engaged, causing you to tell yourself that it’s not really that bad and that you’re just being dramatic.

Note 2: attention-seeking? From who? There’s no-one else here.

Seriously, if and when you find yourself thinking that you are just being dramatic:


2. Turn off the cooker or kettle if it’s on.

3. Take any necessary medications. Now, before you forget, or forget whether you’ve taken them already.

4. Sit or lie on the floor. It’s safer down here. Wait for all of this to blow over.