Just keep cycling, wash, rinse, repeat

objective reality (which may or may not exist) ->

raw sensory input ->

interpreted according to mental model / worldview / set of concepts and abstractions* ->

(if contradictions emerge / gears grind shut / wheel no longer turns, alter model as needed until the engine starts moving again)

model generates suggested action / behaviour ->

action / behaviour changes objective reality (which may or may not exist) ->


* Oh, so you’d like to just understand reality as it actually is, in all its detail and complexity, rather than interpreting everything through a set of simplifying assumptions? OK, let me just get that set that up for you. I’ll need to ask you a few questions. First off, how many distinct thoughts can you hold in your head at once? I just need a very rough figure, expressed either in words or as ten to some exponent, so for instance either 1015 or one quadrillion would be acceptable – it’s seven? Then number of thoughts you can hold in your head at once is seven?