The ones who walk away from Omelas

Based on the short story The ones who walk away from Omelas (PDF) by Ursula LeGuin.

I don’t know where they are going, the ones who walk away from Omelas.

Oh, wait, I do know. They go to the next town over, or the nearest place where they can buy or borrow or steal a truck and some other equipment: sledgehammer, axe, towing chains, whatever else might be necessary to break into a building. Then they return to Omelas and ram-raid the house where the sacrificial child is held captive. After smashing their way in they find the poor abused kid who is held captive there, and rescue her or him.

Outside the destroyed house a crowd gathers. One of the rescuers shouts out to them:

“You people will never harm another child again! If you do, we’ll find out, and we’ll return to visit destruction upon you, you sick, child-abusing fucks.”

The rescuers drive away from Omelas and travel to a safe place far away, where the kid is placed with a caring adoptive family, and receives long-term counselling and support. The ones who walked away from Omelas then dedicate the rest of their lives to child welfare and child abuse prevention.