Aside: a note on cognitive biases | Introduction to Thotsecology

It is interesting and useful to read about cognitive biases, and wonder about how they might influence our thinking as we go about our lives. For an excellent place to start, see: Wikipedia: Cognitive bias, and Wikipedia: List of cognitive biases.

Many thotsecologists dislike the term “cognitive bias”, because it implies that thoughts are expected to be unbiased by default, with biased thoughts an exception to the rule. As discussed in chapter 1, in the thotsecological view of things there is no particular reason to expect thoughts to be accurate or correct, and so all thoughts are presumed to be biased until proven otherwise. For a thought to be biased is the norm rather than the exception. Therefore what psychologists call “cognitive biases” are considered by thotsecologists to be perfectly normal aspects of the thought-formation process. Nevertheless, the term “cognitive bias” is still used for the sake of convenience.