Awesome Kitty Presents: Tips for showing people how to do stuff

Tip number 2: Only use one word for things.

English speakers like to use lots of different words for the same thing. Most of the time this is a good way to spice up conversation and make what you’re saying sound more interesting. But if you are teaching someone something that is new to them, their brain might already be struggling to juggle unfamiliar concepts. The learner’s brain might choke if it also has to work out whether the three or four new words you just threw at it mean the same thing or not. So just pick one term, the one you find to be the most useful, and make sure you only use that one. Don’t worry if you end up sounding like a broken record, the learner won’t care.

A cartoon: a cute kitten hangs upside down holding a white board marker. Below is a white board. On the white board several terms have been crossed out in red marker: Firefox, browser, web client, mobile browser. One term has been circled in green: web browser.

Image credit: ‘White board’ by rg1024, Public Domain.