Summer comes

A simple cartoon drawing of a person saying: That's strange.

A cartoon person says:  I feel... good.

Cartoon person says: Um, brain?

A floating cartoon brain appears. The brain says: Hiya.

Person: So... we're feeling good now? Brain: Better than just good.

A glowing yellow sun appears. The brain says: Our feelings are like a summer day with sweet, cute, happy purring little kittens.

The sun grows bigger and brighter, and a cute cartoon kitten appears. The person says: Well that's nice.

A box full of more cute, happy kittens appears. The person says: Wow, you're right, brain. I feel amazing!

The cartoon person kicks out both of their legs (it does not make sense anatomically) and says: Hey look at my legs, they are so awesome! I can do anything with these!

Person: Let's go for a walk outside. Brain: Do you think that's a good idea?

The scene changes to a cartoon drawing of a street. However the street seems to lead to nowhere. There are some oddly-shaped buildings and three bus shelters are flying through the air. Brain: I am not so sure that this is a good idea. Person: Everything looks so beautiful today and my depth perception is so deeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Brain: We're going home. Now. Person: OK.

The scene is back to how it was a couple of panels ago, with just a cartoon person and a floating cartoon brain. Person: So... we are switching up from 'depressed' to 'manic', I take it? Brain: Your terminology is outdated but essentially, yes.

Brain: You weren't planning to pay attention to anything in the next 4 months or so, were you? Person: Haha, no. Not really.

Image credits:

‘Apartment buildings and town houses’ by rdevries, Public Domain

‘Bus stop trace’ by Tom, Public Domain