The Floosopuff 2

As the Floosopuff drifted along, she came across a tiny flickering light hanging in the air. It was a naked sentience, a new soul which had not been given a body yet.

“Warm greetings, young Sentient!” the Floosopuff said. “I am Faina, a Floosopuff.”

The little flicker of light dipped politely. “Greetings, Faina! I am pleased to meet you.” It spoke in a small, bright voice.

“I do not wish to give offence,” the Floosopuff said, “but it seems to me that you are a very young and very small creature to be floating alone through such a wild and barbaric region of the interspaces as this. Are you lost? If you wish it, I offer you the hospitality and protection of my giant bubble for as long as you desire.”

“Ah, you are very kind!” replied the tiny spark, “but I am not lost, I am about to embark on an adventure. I am about to become a person.” The little spark bobbed up and down excitedly as it spoke.

“It is a hard thing, to be a person,” the Floosopuff said doubtfully, “I hope you have been properly trained.”

“Oh yes,” the little spark replied, “I was trained at the Interplanar University itself. I have read the works of the greatest thinkers the multiverse has known, and I have studied mathematics and philosophy. I have contemplated the teachings of the great thinkers throughout history, and I have practised fire-starting, rope-making and outdoor survival, carpentry and unarmed combat. I was trained to nurture in myself patience, compassion, and courage, to keep my head even when all around me are losing theirs, and to think clearly and question everything, but most especially to question those things which it seems no-one ever does, and I have meditated for a year and a day in the caves of silences to prepare myself to meet the challenges that lie ahead. But they say you forget all the training once you are born into your human life. I have already forgotten much of what went before. It’s strange, all those years of training, but when the moment comes, it’s as if it were all for nothing.”

“Are you afraid?” the Floosopuff asked.

“No. I know I should be, but more than anything feel excitement. It won’t be much longer now.”

“I wish you well,” the Floosopuff said.

“And I thank you for your kindness,” the little spark replied, “I think it is a good omen for my adventure, that at its very beginning I met a stranger such as yourself who offered hospitality and kindness. I hope that some where-when we will meet each-other again.”

Then they said goodbye and wished each-other safe journeys, and the Floosopuff went on her way.