The Floosopuff fails to decode a signal

The Floosopuff had traveled quite a long way off her intended course in order to investigate the signal. It was her habit to scan and filter the EM radiation she encountered in her travels, and even at a great distance the blue holo-lights with their flashing repetitive patterns were unusual enough to set off her filters.

She had never seen anything quite like the signal array that she found floating, apparently abandoned, through deep space. Somebeing had gone to a great trouble to place it there, and yet she had no idea how long the thing had been making its solitary way through the galaxy. Perhaps the beings who had created it were long dead. The signal was complex and must have some meaning, but she could not parse it.

She decided to stay for awhile. Some time passed and she watched, but gained no insight into the meaning of the signal. Finally with a sigh she uploaded her recordings along with a few notes she had made to her datashare through a nearby connection node, and went on her way.

Animated gif: flashing blue and green lights.