What the revolution needs

One revolutionary sidled up to another and said: “Comrade, what have you been doing? You promised to help us bring about the revolution, but so far you have done nothing at all!”

“I know,” the other revolutionary replied, “I’m sorry. I’ve been weak. I am struggling to overcome my weakness. Once I have overcome my own weakness, then I will begin to be of use.”

The first revolutionary narrowed her eyes and said: “You’re doing the revolution wrong.”

“No, you don’t understand,” the other protested, “I haven’t started yet. I wanted to, but my weakness held me back.”

“You’re doing the revolution wrong,” the first revolutionary said again. “Our revolution is a revolution of the people, is it not? And most people have some weakness in them. So why are you trying to build a revolution of the strong?”

“I’m not!” protested the other.

“You are,” insisted the first. “You are determined to destroy or deny all the weakness that is in you. Why? Then others will see only strength, and the weakest among them will see that there is no place for them at our table. Those who are middling-strong will see that only part of them is welcome, the strong part, so they will struggle to hide and deny all the other parts of themselves, just as you have done. And the braggarts, the bullies, those whose lives have insulated them from doubts and failures, and the arrogant, and the flat-out sociopathic; all these will see that they are the most welcome of all, and they will flock to us, and they will re-make our revolution in their own image, all because you have worked so hard to make a welcome place for them. Do not deny or suppress your own weakness, comrade, for the revolution needs your weakness as much as it needs your strength. Aye, it may be that weakness is what we need most of all.”