Cognitive dissonance

A cartoon alien - a light blue creature with one big eye and tentacles for feet - stands on the surface of a meteor. Behind the alien is dark blue space with stars and a planet. At the bottom of the image is the following text: "When a being holds two contradictory beliefs, they experience cognitive dissonance. This is so painful that they will do anything to avoid making the dissonance worse, even if it means altering their behaviour, or even altering their beliefs - and yet, in a universe that legitimately doesn't make sense, the painful experience of dissonance is unavoidable for any sentient being who tries to make sense of the world around them. The experience of dissonance should not be avoided, it should be embraced, and we should strive to find within ourselves the strength to endure the pain, and indeed the loneliness, that goes with it."

Image credits:
Moon in Comic Style