Please, don’t try to buy a survival-stash of seed for the zombie apocalypse!

The other thing that we continue to see year after year is people who come to us worried about social breakdown and who want to buy large amounts of seed to store ‘for an emergency’… suppose you do find you’re in a nightmare situation where you suddenly need to grow your own food – it will be too late to start learning then! So if tempted by one of these ‘survival packs’, just picture yourself hungry, standing there in front of your powerless defrosting freezer, with your now-out-of-date seeds in your hand… The best thing to do is to start your garden now, while you have spare time and money – and start learning now to grow veg well on your plot, maybe try to learn about storing it without electricity overwinter, and – even better – learn how to save your own seeds for future years.

The Real Seed Catalogue: ‘How long will seed last?’