A lot of them are pretty smart

A conversation between two cartoon stick figures. Character 1: So... these humans. What is up with them? Character 2: I know, right? Destroying their only life support system as fast as they can. It's bonkers. Character 1: It's like they don't realise that they need to grow food and drink water that isn't poison or they'll die. Are they really that stupid? Character 2: Not all of them, a lot of humans are actually pretty smart. But those aren't the ones in charge. Character 1: But why are the idiots in charge? Character 2:They're the ones that have the guns. They never learned to balance their inputs and outputs, to keep to a ahousehold budget. Character 1: Why not? Character 2: Remember how I said they had guns? If they ran out of resources they just took someone else's. Usually at gunpoint. Character 1: So Earth is run by people who don't understand that if you use up something faster than it is replenished, it will run out? Character 2: Yup. Their whole ideology is based on unlimited economic growth.
Original comic, dedicated to the public domain (can be freely shared).