A description of a place

The royal palace no longer remains, but there exist numerous other royal residences. Their construction of stone follows the Syrian tradition, with some Mesopotamian features, and the bath is a common feature, using Roman heating systems. Figurative mosaics, paintings, stucco sculpture, and carved stonework in the hellenistic tradition decorated many of the palaces. At Quseir Amra, the figurative paintings show a rich iconography of court life, with images of musicians, drinkers, acrobats, regal giftbearers, hunting, wrestling, and bathing, as well as a domed ceiling with the constellations.

– ‘The Cambridge Illustrated History of the Islamic World’, ed. Francis Robinson, 1996, p 258, slightly edited.

Fresco of a woman, Quseir Amra. Image source:
Fresco of a woman, Quseir Amra. Image credit: C.Vibert-Guigue / Wikimedia