Industrial civilisation

A comic: a girl in a yellow shirt with a smiley face on it, and a cute grey robot who is holding a flower, are sitting on a grassy lawn. The sun is about to set and in the background is a city skyline. Girl: "*Sigh*. Sometimes I think industrial civilisation is a bad idea." Robot: "Hmm. As a space-travelling, cybernetic being myself, I'd have to disagree. Industrial civilisation brings many benefits."

Girl: "But it's incredibly destructive!" Robot: "Well, it is the way you people do it. Um, no offense." Girl: "None taken. Wait..."

Girl: "Are you saying we humans are doing industrial civilisation WRONG?" Robot: "Um... yes? Obviously?"

Girl: "Is there a right way to do it?" Robot: "Sure! Lean close and I'll tell you."

The robot leans close to the girl and whispers in her ear.