Go nuclear part 2

Alien: You... you say you require an unlimited supply of cheap, clean energy?  Girl: Exactly! I was thinking that as an advanced alien race you would probably have the technology for using nuclear fusion as an energy source.

Alien: But... but surely you must realise you already posess just such an energy source! It is the star about which your planet orbits. You know? The glowing yellow thing that seems to move across your sky each day, pouring electromagnetic radiation into your biosphere? I understood that your science was sufficiently advance that you would know this - if not, I should not have spoken of it at all.

Girl: Oh, you mean the sun, haha, yeah, we humans know all about that.  Alien: Oh, good. Good!  Girl: Yeah, we even use solar panels to generate some of our electricity.  Alien: Great! ...hang on, what do you mean, "some of" ?

Girl: Well obviously solar power isn't enough for us to run our whole industrial civilization on.  Alien: Haha, what were you planning to use instead, magic space pixie juice?

The alien and the girl look at each-other, no dialogue.

Girl: So I take it you DON'T know how to build small, portable, safe nuclear energy generation machines that require only the cheapest and most readily available of raw materials, have unlimited capacity, don't produce radioactive waste, can't be converted into nuclear weapons, and can be turned on and off at the press of a button?

Alien: No, we don't. Because that would break the laws of physics.  Girl: Which laws of physics?  Alien: Practically all of them! Take your pick!