Go nuclear part 3: Is it a deity?

A comic featuring a blue alien with tentacles and one big eye, and a girl. Alien: But why do you need a new energy source at all? Is there something the matter with your sun? Is it solar flares? Or are you worried it's going to burn out? Girl: No - oh...

Alien: Well that's good to hear. I remember this one world, their star suddenly got really hot and unstable, killed off 90% of their biome. They had to go live deep underground in the polar regions of their planet, farming edible bacteria and experimenting with their own genome to produce offspring more adapted to the harsh conditions while they rebuilt their technology. They're doing OK now though. I heard they're even making plans to terraform a nice Class M planet in the habitable zone.

Girl: We don't have anything like that. We just have a lot of problems like poverty and, um, wars over resources, stuff like that. Alien: Oh. That sounds pretty bad.

Girl: Yeah, and the oil is running out. Coal will last a lot longer, of course, but you can't put coal in your car's gas tank. And then there's climate change... Alien: Sorry, my translator isn't working as well as I'd like - what do 'coal' and 'gas tank' mean? And what is this climate change you speak of?


Alien: But if these fossil fuels cause such damage, why use them at all? Why not use 100% wind and solar energy? Girl: Because oil and coal are cheaper. It's ust economics.

Alien: I'm afraid I don't understand your economics. Girl: Who does? Haha. Alien: Is it a religion?

Girl: Huh? No! It's just, you know, the market. You can't argue with the market. Alien: You can't? *pause* Is the market a deity?