Justice system musings

A comic with two characters: a funny-looking cartoon tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur, and a funny-looking orange-brown cartoon pterodactyl dinosaur with wings. Character 1: 'So, our criminal "justice" system.'Character 2: 'A system of police and courts of law all set up to protect citizens and maintain peace and social order... Wait, why did you put "justice" in quotes?' Character 1: 'Come on, we all know what the police are like. Racist harassment, spying, falsifying evidence. Killing young black men with impunity!'Character 2: 'Those are just a few isolated incidents.' Character 1: 'It's not just a few bad apples. Cops don't take rape or domestic violence seriously. Or white collar crimes like fraud and tax evasion.'Character 2: 'But what about the good cops, the ones who are trying to change the system for the better?' Character 1: 'Sure, but those aren't the ones in charge. And then there are the judges. Old upper class white men with no clue what life is like for most people.'Character 2: 'I don't see why that should matter, though.' Character 1: 'Their sympathies lie with people like themselves!. They believe the landlord over the tenant, the male abuser over the female victim.'Character 2: 'Well I suppose it would be better to have more diversity among the judiciary.' Character 1: 'And judges believe everything the police say without question, even when they are blatantly lying, even when they contradict themselves!'Character 2: 'Well it does seem reasonable to expect the police to be trustworthy. Anyway, think how bad life would be WITHOUT the police.'