Holiday Style Guide

This is a large image, in the style of a magazine article. Title: The Guide to Festive Holiday Style. Image: Two cute cartoon robots, one shiny light blue and the other shiny light yellow; they each have two eyes, two arms, two feet (or wheels) a star on their chest, and a propellor attached to the top of their head. Both are holding shiny yellow and blue Christmas tree decorations. Tagline: Wrap up snug and beat the winter cold with fun and babulous woolen accessories. Image: The same two robots again. This time the yellow robot is wearing a blue scarf with snowflake patterns on it, and the blue robot is wearing very large red mittens with candy canes on them. Tagline: Dress for you body shape. Fluffy hats do not look very flattering for those of us who have a propellor attached to our heads, so why not reach for a cozy festive print snood instead! Image: The yellow robot, with what appears to be a large swathe of green cloth with pictures of holly berries, wrapped around its head. Tagline: Show off your holiday spirit with a gorgeous Christmas-themed jumper. Image: The blue robot, tilted as if about to fall over. The robot has tried to put on a sweater but has failed to get its arms through the arm-holes. The sweater is bright red and has a big cartoon picture of rudolf the red-nosed reindeed on it. Tagline: With a little planning and the right accessories, anyone can look their best over the holidays. Be creative! Image: The two robots stand side by side, waving and looking pretty pleased with themselves. The blue robot has a huge red ribbon flowerette stuck on top of its head. The yellow robot is wrapped up in a tangled up string of red, blue and green Christmas lights.

Image credits:

Gift by Keistutis.
Happy Snowman 1 by Merlin2525.
Snowflake by boccian.
Christmas candle by johnny_automatic.
Christmas card by uwesch.
Candy Cane by darkness3560.
Festive Lights by stevepetmonkey.

All the images are in the public domain.