Open to all

A poster. Title: "Why being open to everyone is not as simple as it sounds". The image shows 12 bright yellow cartoon figures (actually they are just smiley faces with arms and legs). The figures at the bottom all look happy: they are smiling and talking, laughing, or drinking pink squash. Above them though, one figure with a psychotic grin bashes another on the head with a stick, and several other figures have red bumps on their heads indicating that they also have been hit on their heads; they look either unhappy or angry, and one is walking out the door. There is a blurb of text which says: "Personally I agree with you, and I wish people would be more sensitive. For some reason we tend to get a lot of challenging personalities here. But we can't just ban the people who sometimes hit other people on the head with a stick for no reason - that would go against our core principle of being open to all." The image incorporates 24 flat grin smilies emotion icons emoticons for example for forums by qubodup, Public Domain.