Lifted out of poverty part 2

This follows on from Lifted out of poverty.

 A comic with two characters: a funny cartoon polar bear, and a funny cartoon sheep. Character 1 says: 'Wait, are you seriously saying that people were better off BEFORE we had industrial technology?' Character 2 says: 'I don't know.' Character 1 says: 'I mean, OK, maybe that would be true if you're, say, a worker in a clothing factory somewhere, with long hours and low wages...' Character 2 says: 'I don't know, you'd have to find that person and ask them.' Character 1 says: 'Or even, say, a worker in an Amazon warehouse, always on short-term contracts, never knowing how much work they'll get from week to week... ' Character 2 says: 'That person might envy a medieval peasant's predictable working hours, job security, and ability to manage their own tasks, but we can only speculate.' Character 1 says: 'But if you calculate the overall well-being of all the people living in the past, and all the people alive today, um... ' Character 2 says: 'You can't - you don't know how well-off people are, now or in the past. The only way to find that out would be to ask them.' Character 1 says: 'So... It's too complicated and there are lots of variables, and we don't really know what's going on.' Character 2 says: 'Yes, and realising how much we don't know frees us up to finally start thinking clearly about this!'