A cartoon robot, silver-grey, with two eyes, arms that end in metal clamps, and two wheels instead of legs, and with a light brown star on its chest. Behind the robot is a huge, fancy logo which says "Robo-Chat" in pink letters. At the top is a text bubble which says: "Hi and welcome to Robo-Chat, the new show that examines current events from a unique robot-centered perspective."

The same image as the previous one, except the robot has a slightly different pose, holding its arms out wide as if explaining something. The text bubble at the top reads: "Since this is our inaugural episode I should start by making it clear that Robo-Chat is all about NICE robots - you know, adorable, bumbling, cartoon-like robots who can rapidly perform complex calculations yet struggle to understand something as simple as human love."

It's the same image as before, but now the robot is looking down, arms tucked in. The text bubble reads: "And not evil ones that resent their status as mechanical servants and plot to overthrow humanity."

The same image as before, but now the robot has its head tilted thoughtfully to one side. The text bubble reads: "Although in future episodes we'll discuss how robots are so much more than just the stereotypical Astro Boy / Skynet binary.