A cartoon: a girl with brown skin and curly black hair, and a purple alien with tentacles and one big eye, sit on an orange-brown sofa with some cushions. The background is light flue wallpaper with a pattern of little white flowers.

Could I ask a favour?

Sure, what is it?

I need you to help me look at clouds. It’s for my research.

Uh, sure, I guess. What do you need me to do?

Look at clouds.

Um, OK. But I mean, clearly you could just look at clouds on your own, if that’s what you’re going to do, so I don’t understand what you need me for.

I want to look at clouds with you. That’s different from looking at clouds on my own.

It is?

Of course.

Oh. And this is part of your research?

Yes. Come on, let’s go.

You want to look at clouds right now?

Yes. Unless you’re busy with something else?

No, no.

Good. It’s a nice day, I suggest we go to the park down the road.

OK, just, let me get my shoes and stuff.