Awesome Kitten presents: Variations in pink

A poster-style image of a cute yellow cartoon cat with a logo at the bottom that says 'awesome kitty'. At the top it says: 'Now its time for some art!'

1. We started with this stunning algorithmically generated image. Look how shiny and pink it is!

A note to our vision-impaired viewers: all the images are basically random blobs of color that were generated using a computer program. Since we here at Awesome Kitten Studios couldn’t figure out how to come up with descriptions for them, we just left out the alt texts.

2. A flatter version.

3. This one is pretty much the same as the original, but without the green bits. It’s amazing what a difference the green makes.

4. Notice how in this version the green bits are somewhat detached.

5. Some nice flat curving stripe-things.

6. Some stripes. I feel like these are the most beautiful stripes ever, and yet what would you ever use them for? You wouldn’t want this for, say, a website background, it would be way too distracting, and it would make everything else on the page look dull in contrast.

Does this image’s very beauty make it perfectly useless? Or is it simply that, despite being nothing more than some parallel bands of colour, it deserves to be enjoyed and appreciated as an artwork in its own right?

7. More nice stripes. I like how the ones towards the top left look transparent or hollow.

8. This one’s like a giant tongue that’s reaching out to lick you, ew.

9. This variation may be childishly simple and entirely devoid of meaning, but it’s pretty. So pretty.

10. This looks so shiny, I want to lick it!

11. Whoa, what even is this thing? I love looking at this but I also find myself worrying that people will judge me for liking it. So this one is pretty weird. But sometimes when go playing on the edge of chaos, you fall off, and land in some actual chaos. And that’s OK.

12. Look, it’s a weirdberry bush!

13. Weird, but glorious.

14. This is two images with only slight differences between them, so I giffed them together because I liked watching the changes from one to the other.

And that’s it. Thanks for watching the Awesome Kitten Show! All images were generated using the Qbist filter in the Gimp.