Welcome to the Fantastic Realm!

A fantasy scene: a floating island, with a purple lawn and pink flowers, against a blue sky with fluffy clouds. The island has a hill in the center with a castle at the top; the castle has turrets with pink triangular flags waving in the breeze. In front of the castle is a sign that says 'BALLOON CATS' next to a big green open pipe. There are cute cats suspended from hot air balloons floating through the air nearby. A cute robot with a propeller attached to its head floats in the air, looking out of the screen at the viewer. In the foreground is the edge of another floating island. On it stands a creature that is person-shaped but with the head and tail of a crocodile, wearing a grey uniform and a large green apparatus of some sort on its back; it holds some sort of machine which is giving off a cloud of fumes.
The image is a mash-up of public domain images: the floating islands, the lizard-person and equipment, the robot’s propellor and the sign are from Glitch, the hot air balloon is from ‘Hot air balloon’ by Purzen, the castle is from ‘Castle’ by nicubunu .

Welcome to the Fantastic Realm, where everything you imagine becomes real! Here your thoughts and dreams, and even your hopes and fears, can influence the external reality! Which, um… isn’t all that different from how things work in the human world, come to think of it.

But we have Balloon Cats! How great is that? You should come visit sometime, we get lots of humans like you coming here for a little vacation. Actually, no offense, but some of the stuff you humans think up is pretty horrible. Like that thing last week, ugh. Just… ugh. But we don’t mind! After you go the Reality Re-equilibrator cleans the whole thing up, no mess, no fuss.

Sometimes I worry about you humans in your human world. You know, thoughts in the wild can be very dangerous. And it seems like you humans just go around thinking things without even, you know, thinking about it? So I was wondering if maybe you need somewhere to practice. Here you can think up thoughts and watch them evolve. You can try them out without risking any permanent damage.

You can come here whenever you want.