Extra-adorable Alien Squid Monster

A cartoon showing two girls, both wearing dubious or cynical expressions, looking at a tank which contains a purple creature with tentacles. The creature has a human-style face and is smiling. At the bottom it says in italic text: "What the heck is that?"

Get ready! It’s the Extra-Adorable Alien Squid Monster!

* Posable tentacle “arms” (extra tentacle “arms” included)

* Hours of fun!

* Comes with 7 reusable facial expressions

* The included tank comes in 2 great Extra-Adorable styles, and provides the weird alien nutri-liquid your Extra-Adorable Alien Squid Monster needs to live on Planet Earth!

* Extra-Adorable Alien Squid Monster may look a little like an Earth sea creature, but is in fact a sentient being from a distant galaxy! No-one knows how it got here or what it wants!

* Accessories sold separately