I’ve been studying

A comic with two characters: a green alien with eyes on stalks, and a girl wearing an orange shirt. Character 1 says: 'I've been studying your society, human.' Character 2 says: 'Oh. That's nice, I guess. But you know, Earth doesn't really have just one...' Character 1 says: 'Yes, yes, it's all a very rich tapestry I'm sure. But about your political system. Are you quite sure you've got the right one?' Character 2 says: 'Uh... we humans think democracy is pretty good actually.' Character 1 says: 'But even your elected leaders can't do as they truly desire - they must make compromises in the face of hard political realities.' Character 2 says: 'Wait, I can see where this is going. You're going to say life on Earth would be better if we allowed aliens to govern us.' Character 1 says: 'Not at all!' Character 2 says: 'Oh. Sorry.' Character 1 says: 'Actually I was going to suggest a carefully crafted computer algorithm could do the job.' Character 2 says: 'Yeah, no, I'm pretty sure humanity wouldn't go for that either.' Made at foofurple.com/comic