Golden rice, in pictures

The world’s most vitriolic propaganda war is about… rice. Golden Rice.

Time magazine cover

Time magazine: “This rice could save a million kids a year… but protestors believe such genetically modified foods are bad for us and the planet. Here’s why.”

Golden rice now!
‘Golden rice now’ logo from


A slogan in dutch, from

An information sheet about golden rice published by IRRI (International Rice Research Institute), a member of the CGIAR consortium, showing the stages in the approval process of Golden Rice, from small-scale laboratory tests to large field tests to market tests. At the end is a happy family getting ready to eat dinner. To the top right is the flag of the Philippines.

“Golden rice, oh no!” From the article All those involved in Hunan golden rice incident penalized by Rebecca Lin.

Greenpeace: “Hands off our rice”.

Genetically engineered (GE) ‘Golden’ rice illusion. Fake remedy for vitamin-A deficiency.

From Greenpeace international

Two men holding a yellow banner which reads: 'Greenpeace's Crime Against Humanity 8 million children dead'
“Greenpeace’s crime against humanity 8 million children dead” – Patrick Moore protests against Greenpeace’s protests against golden rice.

A protest against golden rice in the Philippines.

From the article Militant farmers destroy ‘Golden Rice’ facility by asingh in Asian Pacific Post.


Media Advisory. Hundreds of farmers oppose unsafe, genetically modified Syngenta Golden Rice at anniversary of PhilRice! Farmers to cook traditional rice and vegetables rich in vitamin-A! Please cover!

A pamphlet announcing a protest against Golden Rice in the Philippines in 2011, from Farmers’ Alliance in Central Luzon Philippines.


“Defend our rice! Fight for our rights!”

From the article Asian farmers unite to stop Golden Rice, published by GRAIN.

A graph titled 'Golden rice - solving vitamin A deficiency?'

Graph ‘Golden rice – solving vitamin A deficiency’, from the article 10 grains of delusion: golden rice seen from the ground published by GRAIN.

‘Golder rice patent’ Cartoon from ETC Group. “In the spirit of fairness and equity we’ve decided to give our patents to the golden rice endeavour. We found the patents pretty much useless and I’m sure they’ll be just as beneficial to the poor!”

ETC Group – Golden rice ‘benefits’: a cartoon showing two very fat kids sitting in a classroom. “New item: scientists say that 3 kilos of Golden Rice per day could end vitamin-A deficiency and prevent blindness among children.” “I can see the blackboard OK – but I can’t see my feet!”